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Join The CLUB today for a monthly Membershp fee of Only 66-Cents/Day, less than $5-a-week just $19.99/Month and immediately receive your FREE marketing website and begin EARNING our $20 First Month Bonus every time anyone Joins The CLUB via your FREE website! Plus we place you in the top #1 position of your own 7-Level 60% Revenue Sharing Pay Plan which restores to you the Bible's ancient secret of income multiplication, providing you with the vehicle by which to turn 66-Cents a day into $1-Million a year as the graphs and table below illustrate:

Our Pay Plan has 3 easy-to-reach Pay Ranks which incrrease your passive residual monthly commissions:

Pay Rank

Memberships Sold

Level 1 Pays Per-Person Per-Month

Level 2 Pays Per-Person Per-Month

Levels 3-7 Pay Per-Person Per-Month



$2.00 (10%)

$1.00 (5%)

$1.00 (5%)

Mentor Millionaire-Maker


$3.00 (15%)

$2.00 (10%)

$1.00 (5%)

Master Millionaire-Maker


$4.00 (20%)

$3.00 (15%)

$1.00 (5%)